The Best Mini Golf on the Sunshine Coast? 

Holey Moley!

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Imagine you’re stepping into a world where golf, karaoke, and cocktails merge. Welcome to Holey Moley in Maroochydore – the place you’ll never want to leave again. Seriously.

But honestly, we mean it when we say it’s a one-stop entertainment hub on the Sunshine Coast.

Here, you’ll navigate through 18 whimsical mini-golf holes, belt out tunes in the karaoke lounge and savor zesty cocktails at the bar. There’s no place quite like it for an action-packed day or unforgettable night out!

So grab your putter and let’s dive into why Holey Moley tops the list of best mini-golf experiences around.

The Golfing Experience at Holey Moley

At Holey Moley located in Maroochydore, you will be amazed by the unique concepts of each of the 18 holes. They are filled with interactive components and novelty aspects that will revolutionise your golfing encounter.

What sets Holey Moley apart is not only the quantity of holes it offers but the diversity and ingenuity incorporated into each one. Every hole provides a distinct challenge, making each round a unique journey. Whether it’s manoeuvring through shark-filled waters or aiming past falling tombstones, you’re set for a genuine delight.

So, is a reservation needed for Holey Moley? 

While they do accept spontaneous visits, it is advisable to secure a spot in advance, especially during busy hours. And don’t fret about your attire at Holey Moley; comfort is paramount here, so casual dressing is perfectly acceptable.

If you’re celebrating birthdays or corporate events, we also recommend booking ahead, as the place can get filled quickly, especially on holidays and weekends. But thanks to the layout and approach Holey Moley offers, any lines you do face clear quickly, making it the perfect place for any special (or casual) occasion. 

To complete your visit, make your way to their fully-stocked cocktail bar where, yes, you can indulge in a drink at Holey Moley while partaking in some light-hearted amusement. Mocktail, anyone?

Other Entertainment and Amenities

We know you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s also more on offer with plenty of amenities beyond just mini golf – the fun extends to karaoke, a games room, and a bar for food and drinks (and pizza). 

So with all that on your to-do list, how much time are you looking at needing to spend at Holey Moley for the best possible experience? Typically, it takes around 10 minutes per hole, so for an 18-hole game, expect about 3 hours of laughter and excitement. 

Note that the kids version often runs nine holes to shorten the length of the course, especially on school holidays.

Age GroupSuitable For Holey MoleyDuration
Kids (5-12 years)Yes, with supervisionApproximately 1 hour
Teens (13-17 years)YesApproximately 2 hours
Adults (18+ years)Absolutely!Approximately 3 hours

Holey Moley Prices and Opening Hours

Woman with a putter for mini golf

Okay, lets look at the price range and service hours of this amazing location.

Holey Moley Maroochydore provides an incredible mini golf, karaoke, and bar experience at reasonable prices within a bracket of $15.00 to $25.00. However, bear in mind that there might be extra fees for some activities.

If you’re up for a night of fun, the hotspot is also open from 10 a.m. to 10pm p.m. every day, giving you lots of time to hit all those holes in one.

But let us assure you, it’s not just about the expenses and schedules. It’s about the experience too! With 18 themed holes for mini-golf and private karaoke rooms paired with a fantastic cocktail bar, Holey Moley Maroochydore aims to provide a unique and memorable experience that you’ll need plenty of time to soak it all up.

Plus, its strategic location places you near other attractions like Blue Tortuga Adventures and Sunshine Plaza.

Reviews and Popularity

It’s evident from their impressive online reviews that Holey Moley Maroochydore has emerged as a sought-after venue for entertaining group activities, captivating individuals of all age groups. Users continually compliment the eccentric themed mini golf courses, lively karaoke sessions, and tasteful cocktails offered at the bar. (Who wouldn’t?)

The establishment’s fame among both residents and travellers has resulted in it being acclaimed as one of the prime locations for the best mini golf on the Sunshine Coast. Whether your plans involve a family trip, a gathering of friends, or a corporate function, this place is sure to impress.

Key Takeaways

It’s impossible to overlook the distinct allure and captivating ambiance that this extraordinary location offers Maroochydore. 

As the best mini golf on the Sunshine Coast, it’s undeniably a premier mini golf destination. It’s more than just propelling a ball into a hole, too; every one of its 18 themed holes provides an unforgettable, humorous adventure. 

Holey Moley’s adaptability extends beyond just mini golf, with karaoke and a fully-stocked cocktail bar also part of its offerings. This creates an ideal mix of entertainment, food, and drink all under a single roof – making it more than your typical mini golf course.

And the overall ambiance cannot be ignored! The moment you enter, you are greeted with an invigorating atmosphere that instantly sets the scene for a thrilling day or night out.

So rally your friends or family and venture down to Holey Moley, Maroochydore. Kick off some entertaining challenges while enjoying innovative cocktails and belting out your favorite songs.

And if you’re in need of accommodation nearby on the Sunshine Coast, there are plenty of options available, as well as other tourist attractions like SEA LIFE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Age Limit for Participating in the Mini Golf at Holey Moley Maroochydore?

There’s good news! They’ve set no specific age limit for their mini golf. Anyone with a youthful spirit can enjoy their exciting games.

Are There Any Special Promotions or Discounts Available at Holey Moley Maroochydore?

They often offer deals, so it’s best to check their website or call directly for the latest discounts. Don’t miss out on potential savings!

Can I Book Private Events or Parties at Holey Moley Maroochydore?

You can certainly schedule special soirees at Holey Moley Maroochydore! It’s a fun-filled venue for private parties or events. Just contact them to discuss your needs, and they’ll accommodate you as best they can.

Is There a Dress Code to Follow While Visiting Holey Moley Maroochydore?

While visiting Holey Moley Maroochydore, there isn’t a strict dress code. You’re encouraged to wear comfortable clothes for mini golf. However, it’s recommended not to wear stilettos or high heels for safety reasons.

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