The SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Experience Explained: A Comprehensive Guide


Embarking on a journey to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, you’ll immerse yourself in a magical underwater world that will captivate your imagination. 

Conveniently located in the heart of Mooloolaba and just an hour and twenty-minute drive from Brisbane, this marine mammal park, oceanarium, and wildlife sanctuary offers a unique experience for the whole family. 

As you venture through the various SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast zones, brace yourself to meet with some of the southern hemisphere’s most breathtaking ocean inhabitants. 

With so many incredible experiences awaiting you, it’s no wonder that SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is such a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. From daily talks and animal feedings to the family-favourite seal show, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age or interest. 

Remember to take your time and soak in every detail of this unique underwater adventure, as it will surely leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.

What You Can Expect at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

Location and Operating Hours

You can find SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. 

The SEA LIFE Aquarium is typically open from 9 am to 3 pm from Thursday to Monday. Note that these hours extend from Monday to Sunday during the school break. It’s worth planning your visit during these periods so you have more time to explore.

Ticket Prices and Booking

Visiting SEA LIFE Aquarium is a memorable experience, with something for every age group. Ticket prices may vary, so we recommend checking their official website for the most up-to-date information.

At the time of publication, ticket prices start from $31 dollars, depending on the number of adults and kids attending. 

Key Attractions at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast 

Great Barrier Reef

When you reach SEA LIFE Aquarium, you can explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef without having to deal with all the, well, water. 

The ‘A Unique Underwater World’ exhibit showcases diverse marine life, including different types of fish and vibrant corals. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural wonder and learn about its unique ecosystem.

Ocean Tunnel

Always wanted to see a grey nurse shark up close? SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast’s Ocean Tunnel is the perfect place to catch a glimpse. Get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures as you walk through the 80-meter cylinder corridor, where you can see several shark species, rays, and other marine animals.

Little Blue Penguins

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is now home to a delightful colony of little penguins, with an interactive exhibit across two levels. The Little Blue Penguins zone will immerse you in the wonderful world of the smallest penguin species – above and below the water!

Tidal Touchpool

For a hands-on experience, visit the Tidal Touchpool. This interactive touch pool lets you get up close with various marine life, such as starfish and sea cucumbers. This engaging encounter is educational and fun, making it a memorable part of your SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast visit.

Remember to stop by the gift shop for unique souvenirs and take advantage of any free entry promotions or discounts to save money on your visit. Overall, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is a fantastic day out filled with exciting experiences, marine animal encounters, and fun activities for you and your loved ones.

Visiting During School Holidays

When you visit SEA LIFE Aquarium on the Sunshine Coast, make sure to allocate enough time to fully explore what this attraction has to offer. The team recommends spending at least a couple hours at SEA LIFE to maximise your experience.

To make the most of your visit during the school break, we also recommend participating in the Marine Biologist For a Day program. 

This activity offers you:

  • Admission to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch and afternoon tea (FULL DAY program)
  • VIP seating at our Seal Presentation
  • A guided tour around the aquarium with a marine expert
  • A cool Behind the Scenes Tour
  • An exclusive chat with one of our divers (FULL DAY program)
  • Interactive animal handling and feeding
  • A ‘Marine Biologist for a Day’ certificate
  • Souvenir green-screen photo to remember the fun!

During the QLD school break, they also offer the Behind the Scenes Tour daily at 9:45 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm, and 2:00 pm. Outside of school holidays, they offer tours daily at 9:45 am and 12:00 pm. These tours provide a unique insight into the care and conservation efforts of the diverse marine life housed at the attraction.

More SEA LIFE Aquarium Experiences and Facilities

Shark Dive Xtreme

The SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast offers an unforgettable dive for adults and families alike. This thrilling activity allows you to scuba dive with grey nurse sharks and other marine creatures in their natural habitat. With expert guidance and professional equipment, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the underwater world and witness incredible marine life up close.

Before embarking on your shark dive, make sure to check the opening hours and read the reviews from other Tripadvisor members to get a firsthand account of their experiences with sea creatures. Remember that this adventure requires participants to meet certain prerequisites, such as being qualified for scuba diving.

Gift Shop

After your underwater adventure, don’t forget to visit the gift store located within the SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast premises. The shop offers diverse souvenirs and merchandise to help you remember your visit. 

Browse through an extensive collection of items such as:

  • Plush toys of your favourite marine creatures
  • Beautifully crafted ornaments and decorations
  • Educational books and guides on marine life
  • Wearable items such as T-shirts and hats

The gift shop also caters to visitors of all ages. So whether you’re looking for something for yourself or a present for a loved one, you’re certain to find the perfect gift.

Getting There and Accessibility

When planning your visit to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, we recommend using public transport to travel to the attraction, as it is well connected to nearby cities and towns.

When you arrive, you’ll see plenty of accessible parking spaces available for your use. However, be aware that the car park is council-owned and services other businesses in the area, so they might restrict the availability during peak times.

As you enter the attraction, you will find that the SEA LIFE Aquarium is wheelchair accessible throughout the venue. There are ramps connecting each level, which can make your walk around the place smoother. Please be cautious, as some ramps can be long and steep.


Is SEA LIFE worth a visit?

Absolutely! SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is a multi-award-winning attraction and a great place for an unforgettable experience. It offers various unique experiences and the chance to get up close to over 10,000 creatures.

How long does it take to walk through SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast?

Walking through SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast typically takes around 2-3 hours, giving you plenty of time to explore the 11 fun and interactive animal zones and enjoy the animal talks and feed shows.

How much is it to get into SEA LIFE in Mooloolaba?

Ticket prices may vary; it’s best to check the official website for the most up-to-date information on admission fees. Typical fees start from $31.

How long do you need to spend at SEA LIFE?

To make the most of your experience, plan to spend at least 2-3 hours at SEA LIFE to fully explore the exhibits and participate in the interactive activities.

Can I go SEA LIFE without booking?

While purchasing tickets at the door is possible, they recommend booking online in advance to guarantee entry and avoid waiting in line.

What can you see at SEA LIFE?

At SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, you’ll find a wide variety of marine life, such as sharks, seahorses, jellyfish, and one of Australia’s largest fish collections.

Does SEA LIFE have sharks?

Yes! SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is home to Sharks Xtreme, which you can view in the 80m ocean tunnel.

What animals do they have at the SEA LIFE Centre?

The SEA LIFE Centre hosts over 10,000 creatures, including sharks, turtles, penguins, seals, rays, seahorses, and myriad fish species.

Is SEA LIFE good for adults?

Yes, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is an excellent attraction for adults, offering fascinating exhibits and a chance to learn about marine life conservation efforts. It proves to be an enjoyable and educational experience for all ages.

What’s the difference between SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium?

Located in different cities, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast in Mooloolaba focuses on the regional marine life of Queensland, featuring exhibits like the touch pool and local marine creatures. In contrast, the larger SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour showcases a broader spectrum of global marine species, including a notable underwater tunnel. 

How do I get from SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast to Darling Harbour?

You can either fly from Sunshine Coast Airport to Sydney Airport and then use ground transportation or drive for approximately 11-12 hours along the Pacific Highway (M1) to reach Darling Harbour from Sea Life Sunshine Coast.

Key Takeaways

When visiting the SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, you will:

  • Experience a unique underwater world with 11 interactive animal zones across three levels, including a tidal touch pool, seahorse sanctuary, and jellyfish kingdom.
  • Walk beneath an 80-metre ocean tunnel to observe sharks, rays, and various reef fish.
  • Learn about the different breeds of sea creatures through fun talks and animal feeds, such as the family’s favourite seal show.
  • Get your hands wet at the interactive touch pool display, which allows you to touch and feel marine life in a safe environment.
  • Marvel at Sunshine Coast’s only colony of Little Blue Penguins as they march, dive, swim, and play.

To get the most out of your visit, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be exploring multiple levels and exhibits.
  • Plan your visit around the scheduled talks and shows to ensure you don’t miss any of the highlights.
  • There is plenty to see and do, so allocate enough time to explore every exhibit on the premises.

Remember, a truly unforgettable experience awaits you at the SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast. Enjoy your time exploring the magical underwater world and making memories to cherish forever.

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