Your Go-To Guide to a Day Out at the Big Pineapple

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As you discover the striking diversity of the Sunshine Coast, the Big Pineapple is one attraction you won’t be able to overlook. You may have heard of the Big Banana, but this is one of the most uniquely Australian experiences awaiting you. It goes beyond merely being an enormous replica of a tropical fruit and instead offers a host of activities for the whole family.

It provides an unforgettable journey, showcasing the vibrant heritage, horticultural highlights, and magnificent wildlife of the land down under while serving as a mouthwatering introduction to tantalising East Coast cuisine. 

For the discerning traveller, this guide will offer a detailed and comprehensive look at why the iconic Big Pineapple structure should sit near the top of your list of places to visit in Australia.

A Brief History of the Big Pineapple

Historically, the Big Pineapple wasn’t meant to be a tourist attraction, but a monument. Constructed nearly fifty years ago, it symbolised the lucrative pineapple industry that thrived in the region after decades of crop failures.

The area serves as a central hub for a thriving pineapple farm that is home to over 70 varieties of rare and exotic fruits. 

There are plans to establish new demonstration farms, a craft brewery, distilleries, restaurants, and more. The wide range of diversity beyond the pineapple plantations showcases the fertile soils and favourable tropical climate that support the growth of these unique fruits.

Over the years, the iconic fruit-shaped structure became a prominent symbol of Australia’s tropical culture and warm hospitality, becoming a consistent stop on travellers’ road trips.

 As the Big Pineapple grew in popularity, a further array of activities and facilities came into existence, centred around the gigantic pineapple structure. 

Positioned between the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, the Big Pineapple site offers more than a visit to a large fruit sculpture; it provides an unforgettable adventure into the heart of Australia’s vibrant natural offerings—all with no entry fee!

Please note that climbing inside the Big Pineapple structure is currently not permissible due to safety measures. While it might be a momentary disappointment, there are plenty of alternative exciting activities and attractions on the site. 

Adrenaline Rush: Taking on the Big Pineapple TreeTop Challenge

If you’re seeking some thrills during your visit, why not take an elevated rainforest walk with the Big Pineapple TreeTop Challenge High Ropes & Zipline course?

The launch of the new course has been recognised as one of the leading ecotourism destinations in Queensland and a recipient of a gold award in Queensland tourism. The latest addition promises to be their most thrilling and tallest course yet, complementing their existing successful courses in the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim.

The new course spans eight acres and weaves through the beautiful, towering trees near the iconic Big Pineapple structure itself. It stretches two kilometres and features nearly 120 activities, including a standout 120-meter zipline, so you will need to allocate around half of your day to get through it!

This experience is meticulously designed to cater to adventure seekers of all levels. It pushes you to test your limits while ensuring your complete safety. The experience is not just about thrill and excitement but also about enjoying the lush and stunning landscapes surrounding the Big Pineapple.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for your safety and convenience. Please also note that availability and timings may vary, so, it’s always advisable to call and confirm before planning your visit. 

Meet the Locals: Find the Popular Zoo & Make New Friends at Wildlife HQ

When the Alma Park Zoo had to make way for new residential developments in 2014, the team created a new habitat for the zoo’s animals at the iconic tourist attraction, the Big Pineapple.

Today, Wildlife HQ is a sanctuary for a wide array of Australian and exotic animal species, including the only Sun Bear in Queensland.

The Big Pineapple already draws over a million visitors a year, but now that the popular zoo is hosting a collection of more than 200 species from across the globe and is recognised for having one of the most extensive primate collections in Queensland, this number is only growing!

Set amidst a serene rainforest setting, Wildlife HQ offers visitors the chance to journey through its naturally-themed environment and encounter some extraordinary and captivating creatures. What’s more, Wildlife HQ is also an accredited Zoo & Aquarium Association (ZAA) member, actively participating in various national programs focused on managing and breeding endangered species.

For those seeking closer interactions, the zoo offers personalised photo sessions with a selection of animals. Visitors can also feed monkeys, meerkats, and red pandas or embrace a koala or boa constrictor with a pre-booking. Through these unique animal experiences, Wildlife HQ aims to encourage visitors to engage in and support wildlife conservation efforts.

Wildlife HQ welcomes visitors daily from 9 am to 4 pm, offering an enriching experience for all ages.

Get Ready to Party: The Big Pineapple Music Festival

The sprawling, picturesque Big Pineapple Fields offer an idyllic and distinctive setting for hosting events, with its vast, natural amphitheatre-like layout. Since 2013, this venue has become popular for staging vibrant music events.

As part of their sell-out events program, the Big Pineapple Music Festival is an annual highlight at the Big Pineapple Fields. It features a lineup of prominent Australian music icons and upcoming artists.

This festival has earned prestigious accolades in the world of national tourism, such as being named the best music festival by the Queensland Music industry. Qantas has also recognised it as one of Australia’s top 10 regional music festivals!

What makes this experience even more special, is the stunning natural surroundings that Australia has to offer. Nestled in the heart of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Big Pineapple Music Festival creates an idyllic setting to soak in enchanting melodies and rhythms.

 For attendees seeking a complete festival experience, you can find convenient on-site camping options for our evening music events, enhancing the laid-back and festive atmosphere.

Explore an Aussie Food Icon Based On Site

Since 2019, the Big Pineapple has been home to a renowned name in the world of dairy-free products—COYO. Specialising in coconut yoghurt and ice cream, COYO’s products are widely distributed across Australia, with extensive export distribution and international licensing to its credit.

The Big Pineapple is set to become the national hub for COYO, housed in the revamped former Macadamia Nut factory. This expansion at the Big Pineapple will enable COYO to enhance its market presence further.

The Big Pineapple team strive to become a centre for food research, development, and production. COYO products are highly acclaimed among vegans and those looking for organic, dairy-free yoghurt options, offering a sense of ingenuity and ambition.

The growth of COYO’s operations at the Big Pineapple marks a new, exciting phase in the culinary rejuvenation of one of the Sunshine Coast’s most iconic landmarks!

Key Takeaways

  • Big Pineapple tours are a must-try in Australian tourism, offering a blend of adventure, history, and interaction with wildlife.
  • Guests can indulge in pineapple tasting and discover various tropical agricultural products, making the experience rich and diverse.
  • Adventure, history, and wildlife engagement are the main highlights of the Big Pineapple tours.
  • Leisure activities are abundant, including flying foxes, high rope climbs, music festivals and more.
  • The Big Pineapple visit offers a blend of food, wine, adventure, and scenic beauty.

Explore the Big Pineapple and Wider Sunshine Coast

Small group public and private tours are available for the punctual and organised traveller. New, comfortable coaches facilitate these for larger groups and family outings. This way, you can spread out the fun of the Big Pineapple over an entire day! 

Upon your visit, you will get:

  • A peek into Australian heritage and culture,
  • An exploration of horticultural wonders,
  • Encounters with adorable local wildlife,
  • And a chance to savour local gastronomy.

Dive into adventure at the Big Pineapple! While you gear up for your visit, remember to check out our range of holiday homes and apartments on the Sunshine Coast, guaranteeing you a cozy and unforgettable experience.

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