Outdoor lifestyle

With a natural environment as diverse and captivating as Sunshine Coast, there’s no better way to explore than with equally unique recreational activities. 

Whether you want to take a short stroll for a photo opportunity, go for a dip in a rock pool that only locals know about, or want to carry everything on your back for a multi-day adventure – there is a walk to suit your appetite for adventure. 

While there’s nothing like seeing Australian wildlife in the wild, Sunshine Coast also boasts world-class zoos and animal sanctuaries. As well as enjoying their exhibits and shows, you’ll also learn about the connection between our natural landscapes and wildlife – and how you can contribute to their conservation efforts.

Get in touch with your inner child exploring the Sunshine Coast on ecoTekkSC electric bikes. You can cruise effortlessly along the 100 plus kilometres of dedicated bicycle pathways. Discover the many hidden treasures here, and immerse your senses in the natural environment re-energising your soul. Visit the many attractions and popular beaches hassle free without parking problems.

 So get outside, we know you want to, and explore how it feels to move your body in Queensland’s natural wonders.

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